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Interestingly, the original designs of the puppets were originally intended for an educational kids’ game, but the feedback were mostly complaints that they were just too damn scary — and rightfully so! Fast-forward to today, and Scott Cawthorn has turned his family-friendly animatronic critters into a beloved horror franchise.

Be prepared for jump scares aplenty! FNAF is full of heart-stopping moments, and it’s a blast to play solo or with a group of people watching.

The Evil Within 2 Best Horror Games on PC

Developer Shinji Mikami’s spiritual successor to the original Resident Evil trilogy, The Evil Within 2 is a bigger judi slot online jackpot terbesar 2022 and mostly better sequel to his original survival horror. The most notable change is its larger scale, challenging you to explore its terrifying semi-open-world environments fraught with danger at every turn.

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