Daily Bread

CLICK THIS LINK TO HEAR PODCAST ⬇️ http://Bayitzahavministry.org.uk http://Bayitzahav.co.uk Good morning Bayitzahav Ministry friends family and associate This morning I come before our GOD in prayer for you every one who's eyes read this message I lift up in prayer with joy of heart . I pray that GOD good will for your life release today into your spirit. Let every good blessing enter your life and overtake you . I pray that whatever is blocking your vision be removed so that you can see how much you are loved by GOD. I am so glad because Psa 6:9 The LORD hath heard my supplication; the LORD will receive my prayer Amen http:// /c/BayitzahavMinistry

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None of this will save you in world war 3 only the mercy of GOD. Therefore hear the counsel of the wise and put you trust in GOD. Exsalt him in your life in all that you do and he will bless the work

Hi all In 2016 Bayitzahav Ministry was established to proclaim (The day of the LORD ) which is a time of Judgement and the coming of Christ and thrid world war. Now the light is beginning to shine upo