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My sheep know my voice because they know my words are life. Yes I draw from the well of salvation and pour it out for my sheep that they may drink living water for my lips is a fountain of life. I am the good shepherd who have lay down my life for my sheep. For you are precious in my sight I gave you the greatest love of all. I love you dearly my name is Jesus Christ keep me in remembrance Amen

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None of this will save you in world war 3 only the mercy of GOD. Therefore hear the counsel of the wise and put you trust in GOD. Exsalt him in your life in all that you do and he will bless the work

Hi all In 2016 Bayitzahav Ministry was established to proclaim (The day of the LORD ) which is a time of Judgement and the coming of Christ and thrid world war. Now the light is beginning to shine upo