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Todays Podcast click ⬇️ Bayitzahavministry.org.uk❤️❤️👍🤗🤗🤗⬆️⬆️😇😇 Yesterday Podcast click Bayitzahav.co.uk ⬅️❤️❤️🙌👏❤️👍👍👍⬆️⬆️😇😇 Good morning Bayitzahav Ministry Friends, Families and associates. The difference between a true believer in Christ and wolf in sheep's clothing is the heart. A true believer will want forgiveness for you and themselves but the hypocrite wolf will say we must forgive but in their heart is unforgivness. A true believer in Christ will love all who are begotten by the love of GOD but the wolf will have hate in their heart. A true believer will want to do all that JESUS said but the wolf will proclaim JESUS but live contrary to his teaching. A true believer will turn a brother or sister away from sin but the wolf will bless them in sin. Open up your eyes and don't believe what people say but pause and reflect on their actions . Be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove that you may decern between light and darkness Amen have a fantastic day in Christ child of GOD

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None of this will save you in world war 3 only the mercy of GOD. Therefore hear the counsel of the wise and put you trust in GOD. Exsalt him in your life in all that you do and he will bless the work

Hi all In 2016 Bayitzahav Ministry was established to proclaim (The day of the LORD ) which is a time of Judgement and the coming of Christ and thrid world war. Now the light is beginning to shine upo