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Daily Bread

. CLICK THIS LINK TO HEAR Today's PODCAST ⬇️ ❤️❤️❤️ PRESS THIS ⬆️LINK TO HEAR YESTERDAY PODCAST 👍👌 Good morning Bayitzahav Ministry friends and associates Friends. Imagine living in a situation where all you know is hardship and pain. A place of hopelessness. If you are someone in such a place today. I here to tell don't surrender to despair . There is a power like no other with in your reach .You don't need a phone or any modern device to connect with this don't even need to be able to speak. All you need to do is from your heart call on the name that's above every name That's is JESUS CHRIST he is the life changer . He has the key to set the captive free. Don't think about it just call. Call now on him . Because JESUS CHRIST save . He is the answer to your problem Amen

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