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Daily Bread

. CLICK THIS⬇️ LINK TO HEAR Today's PODCAST ❤️❤️❤️ PRESS THIS ⬆️ LINK TO HEAR YESTERDAY PODCAST 👍👍 Good morning Bayitzahav Ministry friends and associates Friends. 2 kings 7 vesre 1 Elisha said by this time tomorrow such and such would happen and the unbeliever who did not believe the word spoken be Elisha said if GOD open the windows of heaven might this thing be. Then Elisha said you will see it with your eyes but you shall not eat of it. JESUS is coming many say they don't believe. They shall see him coming in the clouds of heaven with there eyes and believe in at that very moment but they shall not rejoice with the saints but great fear shall take hold of them and they shall not escape Amen

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