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Daily Bread

CLICK THIS LINK TO HEAR Today's PODCAST ⬇️ ❤️❤️❤️ PRESS THIS ⬆️LINK TO HEAR YESTERDAY PODCAST 👍👌 Good morning Bayitzahav Ministry friends and associates Friend, Judas's fell from grace into the curse of GOD and hanged himself and the wrath of GOD rested upon on him. Stephen was a believer to the very end he was stone to death for the name of CHRIST and as he was dying he was the heavens open and JESUS standing at the right hand of GOD . He saw love which is GOD and he saw mercy which is CHRIST waiting to receive him and when he saw it he sheared the love and mercy by praying for the people who had stone him Amen

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None of this will save you in world war 3 only the mercy of GOD. Therefore hear the counsel of the wise and put you trust in GOD. Exsalt him in your life in all that you do and he will bless the work


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